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28 April 2022

RISE (Reimagining Inclusion for Social Equity) is a flagship initiative from us here at Pride Circle: we are India’s Premier LGBT+ Job Fair, working towards inclusion and empowerment for the community 


We live in a world where members of the LGBT+ community face conscious and unconscious bias, whether it’s at home, school or work. Our aim is to foster inclusion for this invisible minority, by empowering queer folks with better economic opportunities. 


And it starts with skilling and employment. 


The Job Fair is an opportunity for LGBT+ candidates to bring their skills to the table and search for jobs in a safe space. And it’s an opportunity for companies to hire affirmatively, from India’s largest pool of LGBT+ talent. 


Employment Hurdles for LGBT+ Talent in India

Did you know that LGBT+ individuals face multiple hurdles, and are even shut out of gainful employment opportunities, simply because of their identity?


92% of transgender people in India cannot participate in economic opportunities and seek jobs because of the discrimination they face, according to a report from the National Human Rights Commission. 


With so much discrimination and bias, it’s not easy for queer folks seekers to find jobs. Plus, not knowing which companies are inclusive and have LGBT+ friendly policies adds to the stress of finding the right job. 


Having financial independence gives queer people autonomy over themselves and their lives. Our aim at Pride Circle is to facilitate job offers with inclusive companies so that queer talent can build rewarding careers at places that welcome and appreciate them. The RISE Job Fair a bridge between queer job seekers (both out and closeted) and companies that want to hire queer talent. 


Inclusion to Empower

RISE is committed to helping all members of the LGBT+ community find jobs that are a right fit for them, where they can bring their authentic selves to work, learn, grow and thrive - without fear of judgement or bias. 


RISE welcomes both out and closeted members of the LGBT+ community.

  • Any level of experience, starting from freshers to individuals with 25+ years of experience. 

  • Hiring partners from a wide range of industries

  • 65 companies across 20 sectors with 800+ job openings (and these are just the numbers for this year so far!)


Many corporations have the intent to hire affirmatively from the LGBT+ community but don’t know where to start. And many HR professionals and recruiters may not have the tools or resources to seek out LGBT+ candidates in a way that makes them feel comfortable.


We envisioned RISE as a safe space and a movement to create better opportunities for the LGBT+ community. We help companies get better at hiring and train recruiters and talent acquisition teams in best practices. 


How RISE Works

For candidates, it’s pretty simple. Send us your resume. You can be out or closeted, it doesn’t matter. Only your skills and talent. We keep your identity confidential, no questions asked.


Once your resume is in the system, our hiring team runs a check after which you get a notification. You can browse jobs on the jobs page and apply to the ones you think are a good fit.


Companies partner with us, post their job openings on our jobs dashboard. Once a candidate applies to their reqs, they screen and shortlist relevant profiles, conduct interviews and make offers. All along the way our in-house hiring team, who come with years of experience in HR, is there to hold your hands and support you.


Why RISE Works – and Past Editions

We facilitate opportunities for you to interact with recruiters from inclusive companies, so that job seekers like you can have fruitful conversations and interviews at the RISE Job Fair and (fingers crossed!) and get hired. 


The first edition of RISE took place in-person in Bangalore in 2019. LGBT+ job seekers got a chance to interact one-on-one at recruiter booths, gain a better understanding of the job they had applied for and get an essence of what companies really stand for.


The second edition took place in Delhi in 2020, and the third in 2021 was virtual, but as impactful. And over the last three years, we have enabled over 400 job offers across multiple sectors.


Why You Should Participate

Participating in RISE unlocks opportunities for talented LGBT+ candidates and works towards the goal of sustainable inclusion: because, everyday employment ensures financial independence and the freedom for LGBT+ folks to be who they want to be, at a workplace they belong - and that’s how change happens. 


This year, we’re committed to #OUTDO at Rise Job Fair 2022 and help facilitate bigger and better opportunities for queer talent.


Start by creating your profile by uploading your resume: www.thepridecircle.com/resume


If your company want to be part of the Inclusion Revolution and hire LGBT+ talent, visit www.thepridecircle.com/rise2022


Write to us at rise@thepridecircle.com 

Call / WhatsApp on 7047 7047 90

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