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Inclusion begins at home. We are committed to empower parents and teachers on enabling an ecosystem of support where LGBT+ children feel safe and welcome.

Nothing prepares you for parenthood other than experience itself, there are hardly any guidebooks. So, when your children come out as LGBT+ it can be sometimes difficult and confusing.

We run the Parents program to provide parents of LGBT+ community members with the right resources, so that they can support their children, come to terms with their sexuality and become champions for more inclusion.

You can write to us at contact@thepridecircle.com to become a member of our Rainbow Parents network and avail of these unique parenting resources.

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School and college campuses are meant to provide transformational spaces for children and young people.

Unfortunately, the lack of information on SOGIESC (Sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics) issues can lead to bullying and harassment of LGBT+ student in these campuses.

As India’s leading D&I organisation we offer a whole host of programs on LGBT+ identity and allyship, to ensure your campuses are safer and inclusive.

Contact us for more details on these training or resource building programs.