We build bridges between the LGBT+ community with the ecosystem of home, school/ college, workplace, and society.

Given our conviction that we must create safe spaces where all LGBT+ people are accepted without exception, we take a holistic approach.

At the first level, we organise meetups or interactions between the LGBT+ community and D&I and HR professionals from India Inc. so that they can share coming out stories, debunk myths, neutralise biases and stereotypes and brainstorm solutions, policy changes and ultimately build TRUST.

The goal is to have a network of workplaces that are open to LGBT+ talent and can help them nurture and grow.

At the second level, we go to the source of the LGBT+ talent pool; campuses, educational institutes, and parent groups. Here we work on the more deep-seated issues of acceptance, belonging and inclusion.

The goal is to ultimately make this LGBT+ talent pool feels safe and SECURE, so that they can bring their best selves to the job market.

RISE is one of our strategic annual flagship programs, which began as Asia’s First ever LGBT+ Conference, Job Fair & Marketplace on 12 July 2019 in Bangalore, where 45 companies came to sponsor and many supporting NGOs for this unique initiative.

Acting as a ‘big tent’ RISE provides opportunities for knowledge sharing, collaboration, collective impact, LGBT+ employment, employability, entrepreneurship, and new marketplaces.

This has been designed as a LGBT+ specific service. We realise that changes at the workplace and even home, especially, in the time of COVID-19 and lockdown can sometimes impact us in different ways, leading to stress, depression and a sense of loneliness. You can reach out to our network of counsellors and mental health practitioners. Browse through webinars & guide on Mental Health:

Given the growing opportunities for jobs for the LGBT+ community, we organize skill building & coaching sessions through series of free workshops on Resume Writing, Interview Skills, Career Guidance, Technical Skills and much more.

To ensure quality and employability, we invite facilitators from organizations like - Atlassian, Adobe, BNY Mellon, Capgemini, Cummins, Goldman Sachs, HGS, HSBC, KPMG, Macquarie, Mastercard, Microsoft, Natwest, Nielsen, Novartis, ThoughtWorks, SAP to name a few.

Our endeavour is to continue enabling LGBT+ talent to enhance their skills or learn new skills, so that they have access to jobs at workplaces that gives them the space to be their authentic selves.

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India’s First LGBT+ Job Referral Program, for the community by the community and their allies.

So, if you have a friend who is from the LGBT+ community and refer them for any opening you stand to and earn rewards.

We believe this, increases the chances of finding the right job for the right people.

For LGBT+ entrepreneurs we have an offline and online marketplace to build a support network.

To greatly augment the capabilities and capacities of these entrepreneurs we are also rolling out a series of workshops and seminars on Financial Literacy, Design Thinking, Customer Delight, Mentoring, and more.

The objective is that our LGBT+ entrepreneurship network becomes a platform for you to grow and achieve scale.

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We bring LGBT+ job seekers, postings about vacancies across levels and industries or sectors.

If you are a member of the LGBT+ community and worried about choosing between your career and bringing your authentic self to work; out & proud. Don’t worry. We’ve got you.

Our job matches are carefully curated to ensure that right from the placement interview, to induction to your working, you are in a LGBT+ friendly workplace.

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