Tailored Inclusion: Pride Circle Membership Model (PCMM)

The Pride Circle Membership Model empowers organizations to personalize their LGBT+ inclusion journey. Choose programs that match your goals, timeline, budget, and inclusion maturity. We seamlessly blend your needs with a multi-tiered framework, ensuring effortless integration and effective progress.

Why Choose Pride Circle Membership Model (PCMM)

Over the past 12 months, we have collaborated with our Partner Organizations who are at different stages of their inclusion journey (early, intermediate & advanced). This proactive engagement allowed us to gain invaluable feedback, tapping into a rich tapestry of diverse perspectives and expectations from our partners. With this collective insight and understanding, we have meticulously crafted and launched our membership model, ensuring it resonates with the needs and aspirations articulated by our stakeholders.  




How to become a Member?

To understand more about PCMM, its categories, benefits and annual membership plan.