A Job Fair Exclusively for LGBT+ People (reposted from Gaylaxy Mag)

Events | Team Pride Circle | 28 April 2022
Team Pride Circle
28 April 2022

India has one of the youngest and largest workforces in the world right now. It’s an agile group of millennials and Gen Z-ers who have a different approach to work, driving a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship and diversity. 


Everyone deserves an opportunity to pursue a rewarding career, and be financially independent, irrespective of their identity. Unfortunately, even in the 21st century, we live in a world where members of the LGBT+ community face both unconscious and conscious discrimination and bias. 


According to a report from the National Human Rights Commission, 92% of transgender persons in India aren’t able to participate in any kind of economic activity simply because of the discrimination they face .


We all deserve to live an authentic life and be our true selves, not having to hide our identity from the world. And financial independence is a key aspect to have autonomy over oneself and one’s life choices.


And Pride Circle works to empower members of the LGBT+ community with better economic opportunities by supporting skill building, employment opportunities and entrepreneurship.


Purpose: Progress and Representation 

RISE stands for Reimagining Inclusion for Social Equity - giving LGBT+ people a chance to enjoy the kind of social equity that non-community members enjoy.


One of the key areas of focus for us is opening doors of opportunities: getting more LGBT+ folx into the workforce, in inclusive companies. We saw that we could be the bridge between inclusive employers and LGBT+ talent.


The RISE Job Fair gives queer job seekers a safe space and platform to search for jobs, bringing their skills to the table, without fear of being judged or discriminates because on their gender identities and sexual orientations. 


RISE for LGBT+ Job Seekers 

The RISE Job Fair works towards facilitating jobs with inclusive companies, so that LGBT+ job seekers can build the career they deserve at places they belong and feel welcome. 


Learn, grow and flourish: An inclusive workplace has many benefits — it promotes diversity and allows LGBT+ talent to grow and work to their full potential in a safe space. Many a time, queer folks hold back or carry the added burden of having to watch their mannerism, censor their opinion and edit their presentation,  to protect their identities, which takes a toll mentally and emotionally.


Open to all LGBT+ folks: Anyone and everyone from the LGBT+ community is welcome to participate, free of cost. You don’t have to be out - closeted candidates are more than welcome to apply. We keep your identity safe. 


Something for everyone: This year, we have more than 65 companies from 20 different sectors participating. There are 800+ open positions, seeking talent ranging from freshers to individuals with 25+ years experience. Search, and you will find your fit!


Pride Circle also trains talent acquisition teams and recruiting managers on how to hire with sensitivity, policies and the right infrastructure to ensure LGBT+ talent can thrive. 


As someone who faced discrimination at the start of my career, I know what it’s like. I wanted to ensure that other queer folks didn’t have to go face the hurdles and biases I did.


We shouldn’t have to hide our identities or be forced to do double-duty: showing up at work, and constantly being mindful of what we are sharing with our colleagues out of fear or apprehension.


Since the first edition of the RISE Job Fair in 2019, we have placed over 400 job seekers in inclusive companies, including Fortune 500s. 


Steady and rewarding employment for the LGBT+ community leads to financial independence; giving queer folks the freedom to live their lives as they choose and pursue their passion in a place where they feel a sense of belonging. This is how change happens - and that’s why we are in service to the LGBT+ community.


So if you’re queer and looking to switch up your career — join us at RISE Job Fair 2022. It’ll be worth your while, we promise! 


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