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Preparing for the Future Jobs

 Virtual  EV-12
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Event Details

Facilitated by Natwest
Location Virtual
Event Code EV-12
Date 26 Sep 2020
Time 11:00AM - 12:15PM
Who Can Attend? LGBT+ Community only
Ticket Price Free
Register Before 24 Sep 2020

Speaker/Trainer Details

The session will be facilitated by the trainers from Natwest.


With the future of work truly upon us, how can we prepare for jobs that don’t even exist yet?
For many of us, it can feel impossible to truly safeguard our employability, especially when we can’t be sure of how our existing roles will change, which jobs will become obsolete and which new jobs will be created. There are many forces at play that continue to disrupt the world of work: advances in technology, increasing globalisation and international mobility, and constant changes in consumer behaviour are just a few. 

This workshop will help you gain an understanding into what this future of jobs looks like, and help you stay advanced of the times while building your career.

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