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Future of Work (GIG Economy)

 Virtual  EV-9
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Event Details

Facilitated by BNY Mellon
Location Virtual
Event Code EV-9
Date 19 Sep 2020
Time 2:00PM - 3:15PM
Who Can Attend? LGBT+ Community only
Ticket Price Free
Register Before 17 Sep 2020

Speaker/Trainer Details

The session will be facilitated by the trainers from BNY Mellon.


Permanent jobs are slowly becoming less attainable as employers take advantage of technology to cut costs. Although a hard pill to swallow, that is the trend in which employment is moving.

The move towards flexible working and contractual employees has steadily increased, especially in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. While the idea of not having a steady income can be scary, being part of the gig economy has numerous perks, such as flexible hours and the ability to work for various companies to gain more experience.

This workshop will help you understand and learn about a future that is GIG Economy oriented, and help you prepare yourself for the changing times.

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