1. Can my company participate in RISE Job Fair 2023 without being a sponsor?

RISE Job Fair 2023 is accessible only to the registered LGBT+ Job Seekers and the TA team of the Participating companies.


  1. Can I attend RISE Job Fair 2023 just as an attendee, if I am not a job seeker?

No, RISE Job Fair 2023 is accessible only to the registered LGBT+ Job Seekers and the TA team of the Participating companies.


  1. In which city is RISE Job Fair taking place?

RISE Job Fair 2023 will be held ONLINE and every registered LGBT+ Job Seeker can attend the event from the comfort of their home.


  1. I am an LGBT+ job seeker. How do I participate in RISE Job Fair 2023?

To attend RISE Job Fair 2023, visit www.thepridecircle.com/resume, and follow the simple steps to create your profile and upload your resume. Once created, we will require 48 hours to verify your profile. The link to register for RISE Job Fair will be available on your profile. You will receive your Job Fair pass only once your profile is verified.


  1. Can I receive a Job Fair pass without uploading my resume on the portal?

Job Fair passes are made available to only those who have registered and uploaded their resume on our Resume Portal (www.thepridecircle.com/resume).


  1. How do I participate in the RISE Job Fair on the main day?

A week before the event, you will receive a link to join the virtual Job Fair platform on your registered email ID (so make sure you give the correct email id). On the event day, upon clicking this link, for authentication purposes you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP to log into the platform and attend RISE Job Fair 2023. The name, email ID and contact number of each attendee must be entered correctly while registering for the Job Fair pass, otherwise the above details will not reach the attendee and they will not be able to attend the event.


  1. How do I visit/ interact with the recruiters at the Job Fair? How many companies can I approach?

The Job Fair is scheduled on 6th May. Once  you log in using your username & password on the Hubilo platform, you will be able to visit booths of companies and interact with them over chat/audio/video. There are no restrictions on the number of companies you can approach. Leverage the opportunity by downloading the information about these companies available at their booths, reading about them and reaching out to relevant companies. There are 35+ companies hiring at RISE Job Fair; the list is available here: www.thepridecircle.com/rise2023You are also welcome to apply for any of the job openings of your interest here: www.thepridecircle.com/jobs


  1. When and how do we start interviews?

As you approach the company booth, you can click on the chat terminal and the recruiter from that organisation will assist you.


  1. As an LGBT+ Job Seeker, do I have to pay to participate in RISE Job Fair?

No, There is no cost for participation. Pride Circle does not change any fee to the LGBT+ Job seekers for participating in RISE.


  1. How do I refer my LGBT+ friends to use this opportunity?

Share the link (www.thepridecircle.com/resume) with your LGBT+ friends, so they can also get job opportunities. 35+ companies are hiring for 600+ open reqs at RISE 2023. BFSI, IT/ITes, Pharma, Healthcare, Mining, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Legal, Automobile and more industries are hiring at RISE.


  1.  Is the Job Fair only for freshers?

No, the Job Fair is open to LGBT+ people with all experience ranging from 0 to 20+ years of experience, across industries & locations.


  1.  Do I have to be out to participate in the RISE Job Fair?

No, you need not be out to participate in RISE. We have had over 600+ job offers through 4 editions and not many are openly out to everyone. Your privacy will be respected & kept confidential.


  1.  Can I join RISE Job Fair from a mobile device?

Yes. Being a virtual event, RISE 2023 is adapted to comfortably suit your attendance through Android handheld devices in landscape mode, provided you have good internet connectivity on the same. Besides the drawback of lower visibility on smaller devices, there are no other limitations to attending the Job Fair from your mobile phone. It is best viewed on a Chrome browser, and for the best experience we recommend using your laptop.


  1.  What time will the Job Fair begin?

RISE Job Fair 2023 will be held on 6th May from 10:00am IST to 6:00pm IST.


  1.  Will the companies interview at the Job fair or after that day?

Companies participating in RISE have already begun reaching out to candidates for interviews.Companies will continue to conduct interviews on the day of the Job Fair, and after that as well, since they may need multiple rounds of interview to close on the given job position. Please ensure you have your latest resume and all fields filled in your profile at www.thepridecircle.com/resume, so that your profile is shortlisted for relevant job openings.


  1.  Will companies roll out offers on the Day of the Job Fair?

Some companies may roll out offers on the day of RISE Job Fair, or even later. This will depend on multiple factors like the type of req, eligibility, rounds of interview possible to conduct on the day, etc.