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Refund And Exchange

The event service will be deemed to have been delivered in its entirety as soon as RISE 2022 starts on 27th July 2022. No refund requests will be entertained at any time from date of purchase of tickets, unless Pride Circle receives a refund request that they deem valid. Please email for refund requests on or before 4th July 2022. Pride Circle’s decision on whether a refund shall be granted is final and binding.

If you are not able to access any particular section(s) of the RISE Virtual Event due to delays, statutory regulations, organiser policies, weather-related problems, technology-related problems emergencies, or any other reason, you will not be eligible for any refunds or future credits.

If RISE 2022 is cancelled in its entirety due to any unforeseen circumstances, Pride Circle has the sole and absolute right to: i) reschedule the event, or ii) issue a partial/full refund, or iii) not issue any refunds.

Please note that the decision of the issuer in such cases will be deemed final and binding.

If RISE 2022 is cancelled due to any factors or causes not in the control of the issuer, the issuer will offer a partial or full refund, or postpone the event, or provide a comparable ‘make good’ option. These factors will be inclusive of, but not limited to, natural disasters, government announcements, strikes, and the like. Once again, the decision of Pride Circle will be considered final.

If RISE 2022 has to be rescheduled to other dates, you will not be eligible for any refunds. In case the event is fully canceled, the refund, if issued, will include ONLY the face value/printed value of the ticket(s).

The bearer cannot, under any circumstances, claim refunds on shipping fees, processing fees, handling fees, convenience fees and such other charges.

All ticket sales are deemed as FINAL TRANSACTIONS. There will be no ticket returns/exchanges/cancellations.

RISE 2022 is a ‘rain or shine’ event. Please note that you purchase RISE 2022 tickets on your own free will. As such, you do not have the right to initiate a chargeback claim or dispute on the provider of the credit card/debit card that had been used for the transaction. Further refund/return/cancellation requests will not be entertained either.