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Fractalis one of the most prominent providers of Artificial Intelligence to Fortune 500®companies. Fractal's vision is to power every human decision in the enterprise, and bring AI, engineering, and design to help the world's most admired companies. 

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 Fractal for ALL: 

We are committed to building a Fractal for ALL, by fostering a culture where everyone feels belonged and empowered to live their full potential, enabling us to effectively power every human decision in the enterprise so the human mind can be free to imagine audacious possibilities that can transform human life across the planet.  

 Great Place To Work® recognized Fractal among the Top 100 companies as BestWorkplacesTM for Women for the fourth consecutive year. In 2022, Fractal was also acknowledged as a "Workplace with Inclusive Practices." Additionally, in 2023, Fractal accomplished a significant milestone by receiving certification as one of the Top 25 companies recognized as the Best WorkplacesTM for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging. The ongoing recognition validates the effectiveness of our efforts, while also emphasizing the need to continuously advance in our DEI.  


We are audacious. We are transformative. We are empowering. We are a Fractal for All. 

Where diversity, equity and inclusion are not only championed through actionable allyship, but deeply embedded into the core of our collective innovations. 

Here is a snapshot of some of our initiatives that might interest you: 

Equitable People Policies:  

  • DEI Policy This policy aims to foster a workplace where all employees are treated fairly and with respect, where they are encouraged to fully participate and bring their whole selves to work everyday. Furthermore, it reinforces inclusion by providing a robust system for addressing grievances effectively. 

  • Gender Neutral PoSH Policy: Aims to create a safe and respectful workplace for all individuals, regardless of gender identity or expression. 

  • Inclusive Medical Insurance (Circle of Care): Healthcare coverage policy that encompasses gender neutrality, includes provisions for same-sex partners, covers adoptions, offers enhanced coverage for gender affirmation treatments, and embraces various aspects of diversity and non-discrimination. 

Strengthening Culture of Inclusion & Allyship: 


  • PRIDE@Fractal People Pod (ERG) led by the Leadership Team, aims to elevate the voices of LGBT+ talent and to develop and improve policies that foster an environment where all individuals feel empowered to share their experiences at Fractal. The Pod endeavors to establish a secure and supportive space for both LGBT+ individuals and allies, enhancing our overall diversity intelligence, fostering allyship, and affirming that every hue belong here. 


  • Celebrating Pride and Continuing Powerful Dialogues for DEI Advocacy. 

  • PRIDE Celebration @ Fractal: During the electrifying PRIDE Month, Fractal embraced the rainbow spirit with an array of impactful engagements that reverberated across all Fractal Offices spread across geographies. (LinkedIn Post) 

  • The story of Alan Turing ignites numerous active dialogues surrounding LGBT+ talent inclusion and rights. 

  • Guest Talk:  At the heart of our celebration were thought-provoking and enlightening guest talk by Parmesh Shahani on the profound concepts of inclusion and allyship. 

  • ‘I’ for Inclusion: A sensitization and learning series for all Fractalites including our Admin ground staff, aimed at spreading awareness and educating them to become allies and positive change agents. 

  • Pronoun Lanyards to educate and encourage the use of correct pronouns, respecting individuals' gender identities, and creating a more supportive and inclusive environment for everyone. 

  • Allyship through micro challenges and a pledge wall. These initiatives encourage individuals to take small but impactful actions in support of others, promoting a culture of inclusivity and solidarity. 

  • A Powerful Theatrical Play “Ek Madhav Baug” offers a poignant perspective from the mother's viewpoint as she witnesses her son's journey of self-acceptance amidst societal homophobia. The play raises awareness and sensitizes the audience to the challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community.  

and much more! 

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