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OUTReach - Six Steps to LGBTI Inclusion

A series of six webinars to fast track your organization for LGBTI inclusion

Starting March 13, 2019

Every Wednesday 11:00AM - 12:00PM IST

Tangible Business Wins, memorable & genuine outreach to the community and enabling LGBTI coworkers to bring their authentic selves to work.

Understanding the law of the land, researched information on the trending policies and programs from around the globe, you will have all you need to get going on the journey. 

Each of the 6 webinars will build on the earlier one to ensure you hear & learn from the experts, company executives, community members & important policy makers.



Understand & Learn

Unique challenges for this real talent pool & tools of fruitful engagement. 


Explore & Appreciate

LGBTI issues impact productivity, brand, ability to attract talent and inclusion leads to tangible Business Wins


Inclusive Workplace

  • Out-of-the-box, implemented initiatives
  • Best practices & trends from around the globe


Business Wins

- March 13, 2019 -

Success stories of LGBTI inclusive organizations/ products/ services which had ROI in-terms of brand recall/ digital footprint/ customer acquisition etc.


- March 20, 2019 -

Understanding the Law and LGBTI inclusive policies & benefits which organizations have in place

OUT Leadership

- March 27, 2019 -

OUT Business Leadership in India & how organizations can be enablers.

Out Of The Box

- April 3, 2019 -

Out-of-the-box and Unique initiatives, get your thinking hat on

Marketing & Scaling

- April 10, 2019 -

PINK Rupee is a significant market, are you tapping? Scaling & sustaining LGBTI Inclusion

Making a Difference

- April 17, 2019 -

Supplier Diversity, Pledge of Inclusion and taking Accountability 


Abolee Valsangkar

Diversity & Inclusion Specialist

BNY Mellon India

Chandra Duraiswamy

Director, Marketing & Communications

Capgemini India

Drew Keller

Global Program Director

Open for Business

Fabrice Houdart

Human Rights Officer

United Nations

Fern Ngai

Chief Executive Officer

Community Business

Ishaan Sethi

Co-Founder/ CEO

Delta App

Keshav Suri

Executive Director

The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group

Founder - KSF

Ketty Avashia

Vice President

Deutsche Bank

Lynn Pasterny

Global Workplace

Programmes Manager


Madelyn Gelpi

Sr. Manager of Stakeholder Engagement

Out & Equal Workplace Advocates

Sabrina Kent

Chief of Staff

National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC)

Seema Vijay Singh

Chief Human Resource Officer

NestAway Technologies

Shefali Kohli

Human Resources

Godrej Group

Simran Singh

Executive Director

Nomura India

Srikant Suvvaru

Head of Candidate Attraction & Engagement

Royal Bank of Scotland, India

Thomas Roth

EVP, General Manager

Community Marketing & Insights

Tina Vinod

Head - Diversity & Inclusion

ThoughtWorks India

Zainab Patel

National Manager, Health & Human Rights

UNDP India

Gopi Shankar Madurai

Intersex Representative & Executive Board Member


Beck Bailey

Deputy Director,

Workplace Equality Program

Human Rights Campaign


Supporting Organizations


Sensitization Reinvented

7 Hours, 7 Webinars, 20 Speakers

Rich topics & tangible take away

First-of-its-kind in India

Best Practices & Inspiring stories

Awareness to Action



Introductory webinar

(Feb 27 - 11:00 AM IST)

India Friendly

Login: Unlimited



Introductory webinar

(Feb 27 - 10:00 AM IST)

USA Friendly

Login: Unlimited


INR 2,500

plus GST

for 6 webinars

11:00AM - 12:00PM IST

Login: One


INR 10,000

plus GST

for 6 webinars

11:00AM - 12:00PM IST

Login: Five


Srini Ramaswamy

(Pronoun: He/ Him/ His)

For close to two decades, Srini has transformed organizations by fostering an inclusive, diverse and collaborative work environments, enabling employees to bring their authentic selves & do the best work of their lives.

  • TOP 100 Leaders of RAHM 2018 - Global LGBT+ Leadership Contest, London
  • LGBT Ally Champion Award, 2017 by Out & Equal Workplace Advocates, USA
  • D&I Leadership Award (South East Asia), 2017 by BD Foundation, India

Ramkrishna Sinha

(Pronoun: He/ Him/ His)

Ram's work “In & Out –The Indian LGBT Workplace Climate Survey 2016” published by MINGLE has played a crucial role in progressing the conversation in Indian workplaces. He blogs "101 Coming Out Stories from India".

  • Global D&I Hero of the Year 2017, Intel 
  • Champion of the Year Award, 2017 by Out & Equal Workplace Advocates, USA
  • Top 50 LGBT+ Future Leaders Globally by OUTstanding & Financial Times

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